Royal Flush PokitPal (Click on Image)
Royal Flush PokitPal (Click on Image)

Royal Flush (Size: 5/8" H x 1 3/16" W x 3 5/8" L)

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The perfect gift for the gambler who waits to be dealt a pat Royal Flush hand. Royal Flush is suitable for carrying toothpicks, pills, breath fresheners. Did you know the odds of being dealt a Royal Flush are 1 in 649,740 times? Our PokitPal Royal Flush beats those odds for whoever carries one as it deals the gambler the ultimate hand all of the time. Royal Flush measures 3 11/16 in length. 

The Royal Flush PokitPal from the Luck and Gambling category is one of the ten original Olszewski PokitPals that were produced in 2007.  Olszewski's PokitPals all measure no more than 4 inches in length and can fit into your purse or pocket.  Read more about the Olszewski PokitPal phenomenon that has taken Disney collectors by storm by clicking here which will take you to the Artist's website and you can see all of the PokitPals images Olszewski has produced to date.

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