Monorail Extension Kit

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This Monorail Extension Kit allows the placement of the Monorail Mark I onto the Main Street Collection platform to create a rail that extends across the entire front entrance area of the platform.  Additional information can be found by clicking here which will take you to the Artist's website.  The columns are configured to "light up" the Monorail at night in the platform setup.  The details on the Kit's contents can be found below.  Please note the Monorail Mark I which does not come with this kit is sold separately and only by Disneyland.  Olszewski Studios does not sell any extra Monorail cars or posters as they are proprietary to the Parks. 

     Contents of the Monorail Extension Kit include the following items:

  • 5 columns with Yellow LED bulb - 1 with short length wire, 2 with medium length wire and 2 with long length wire;
  • 4 rail extensions - 2 middle sections for column to column placement; 2 end sections for column to extend past outer column;
  • 1 circuit board with 5 female plugs and 1 transformer jack; and,
  • 1 transformer with on/off switch.

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