Main Street Road Accessory

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The Main Street Platform Lighted Road is configured with 36 LED Lights spaced proportionally and positioned to light up a total of 35 parade floats.  The lighted road is designed as an accessory to the original Main Street, U.S.A. platform and is interchangeable with the day-time main street road that comes with the previously issued Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. Platform.  When turned on, each of the 36 LED's cycle through a color wheel of blue, yellow, magenta, red and green.  The road also has its own lighting system, equipped with its own transformer and ON and OFF switch to facilitate scratch builders or do it yourself (DIY) types who wish to take on building their own Main Street platform.  This Main Street Lighted Road accessory is a perfect way to tie all of your Olszewski Main Street, U.S.A. buildings together and offers a good head start to planning your own layout. 

The first production run of the Main Street Lighted Road has sold out and another production run is not planned at this time.  If you are interested in this product, please let us know at:  [email protected]   

A further description of the Olszewski Main Street Road Accessory can be found at the Artist's website.

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