Egyptian Pyramid Size: 6" Hx 6" W x 6" D
Egyptian Pyramid Size: 6" Hx 6" W x 6" D

Egyptian Pyramid (Size: 6" W x 6" D x 6" T)

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The Egyptian Pyramid is one of nine miniature sculptures from the Luminiart Collection.  Click here to see images of the entire collection on the Artist's website. 

What your Luminiart illuminated sculpture lacks in historical accuracy is more than made up for in its emotive splendor. The pyramidal exterior evokes the arid desolation of Egypt's Valley of the Kings, located near the Nile River across from the ancient city of Thebes. Here, the ground is a mixture of sand and small rocks that broil in the sun's heat. This is the place the Egyptian pharaohs of over 3000 years ago chose to be interred in tombs beneath the lifeless landscape. Surrounded in death by treasures of unimaginable value, the pharaohs hoped to elude discovery by grave robbers that had violated the burial vaults of their predecessors. Their efforts were unsuccessful; thieves pillaged all of the buried tombs in the valley - except for one, that of Tutankhamen,
who died around 1346 B.C.

English Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922, after searching for seven years. Making a tiny breach in the doorway, he peered within. As the mist cleared and his eyes became accustomed to the light, details of the room slowly emerged. His traveling companion and benefactor, Lord Carnarvon, inquired if anything could be seen.
Carter's response: "Yes, wonderful things."

Depress the rear light switch, open the portal doors, and peer within your miniature treasure to experience your own moment of awe. Recreated are the sixteen steps leading into the tomb, the boat that was to transport the Boy King to the afterlife, a sculpture depicting the pharaoh harpooning from a boat, his golden mask, a statue of the graceful goddess Selket, and other artifacts that encompass the greatest collection of Egyptian antiquities ever discovered.

We invite your imagination to dream of priceless splendor,
set against a backdrop of absolute stillness.

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